About the Instructor: 

Suzanne Stephens is a Seattle-based, 500 hour certified yoga instructor who brings over 15 years of yoga and mindfulness practice to her classes. She is proud to be a referred yoga instructor by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater NW Chapter.

Stephens' yoga classes utilize restorative breath and gentle, meditative movement as a means of empowering individuals to create a practice that best serves you – the Practitioner. In each class, she beautifully weaves lessons of loving-kindness and mindfulness to address the fluctuating needs of daily life.

She empowers by teaching you how to meet yourself where you are and how to adapt your own practice, to work more gentle or strong, to create greater balance and ease as you need it most.

"Suzanne is a yoga teacher of great ability and sensitivity, alert to the needs of each individual in the class. Her depth of knowledge as well as her keen intuition serve her students well and I feel very fortunate to have been able to practice with her. Her compassion and sense of humor are also great assets which make every session an empowering experience." - C.S.

What is Yoga Empowered? 

Yoga Empowered is a way of life, a way of teaching, a way of living more fully and mindfully through yoga practice and community. 

Suzanne Stephens began offering Yoga Empowered classes in 2007 with the intention of meeting each student where they are to teach them how to bring themselves to a greater place of balance and ease, regardless of health status. 

We're not all built the same, we all have unique conditioning and needs – Yoga Empowered embraces and celebrates these differences through yoga practice.

See for yourself how Yoga Empowers You!